Adjustable shelf on 2 levels

Adjustable shelf on 2 levels


Adjustable shelf on racks


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Material: Stainsless steel AISI304 or AISI430

Dimensions:Length up to 2000mm

Width:Standard width 250;300 and 400 mm

Possible to be produced in custom dimensions

Adjustable shelf on 2 levels

Dimensions table

Width 250mm Dimensions: Width 300mm Dimensions: Width 400mm Dimensions:
ABЕT2N525 500x250mm ABЕT2N530 500x300mm ABЕT2N540 500x400mm
ABЕT2N625 600x250mm ABЕT2N630 600х300мм ABЕT2N640 600x400mm
ABЕT2N725 700x250mm ABЕT2N730 700x300mm ABЕT2N740 700x400mm
ABЕT2N825 800x250mm ABЕT2N830 800x300mm ABЕT2N840 800x400mm
ABЕT2N925 900x250mm ABЕT2N930 900x300mm ABЕT2N940 900x400mm
ABЕT2N1025 1000x250mm ABЕT2N1030 1000x300mm ABЕT2N1040 1000x400mm
ABЕT2N1125 1100x250mm ABЕT2N1130 1100x330mm ABЕT2N1140 1100x400mm
ABЕT2N1225 1200x250mm ABЕT2N1230 1200x300mm ABЕT2N1240 1200x400mm
ABЕT2N1325 1300x250mm ABЕT2N1330 1300x300mm ABЕT2N1340 1300x400mm
ABЕT2N1425 1400x250mm ABЕT2N1430 1400x300mm ABЕT2N1440 1400x400mm
ABЕT2N1525 1500x250mm ABЕT2N1530 1500x300mm ABЕT2N1540 1500x400mm
ABЕT2N1625 1600x250mm ABЕT2N1630 1600x300mm ABЕT2N1640 1600x400mm
ABЕT2N1725 1700x250mm ABЕT2N1730 1700x300mm ABЕT2N1740 1700x400mm
ABЕT2N1825 1800x250mm ABЕT2N1830 1800x300mm ABЕT2N1840 1800x400mm
ABЕT2N1925 1900x250mm ABЕT2N1930 1900x300mm ABЕT2N1940 1900x400mm
ABЕT2N2025 2000x250mm ABЕT2N2030 2000x300mm ABЕT2N2040 2000x400mm
Adjustable shelf on 2 levels