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HS STIL Ltd. is an innovative outdoor advertising company specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of advertising and information elements. We provide installation, warranty and maintenance projects to realize for you.
Using high-tech equipment in metal crafting to ensure its manufacturing process, a team of highly qualified specialists, own transport, assembly team and ability for assembling at inaccessible places.


Trumpf AB TERM partner


TRUMPF's largest division includes machines and tools for processing sheets and pipes.
TRUMPF's portfolio covers systems for bending, punching, combined punching laser processes and for laser cutting and laser welding. TRUMPF offers its customers specially designed machines, automation and network solutions, as well as advice, financial and other services, so that they can produce their products cost-effectively, reliably and in high quality.




RATIONAL е фирма създадена през далечната 1973 година и има над 50 годишен опит в производството на професионални кухненски уреди. Към момента имат произведени 1 200 000 конвектомата и 50 000 iVario-многофикционален уред за готвене.
Уредите RATIONAL допринасят значително за намаляване на енергийния и ресурсен отпечатък в индустриалните кухни. Всички модели iCombi Pro са сертифицирани по ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR е един от малкото световно признати сертификати за висока енергийна ефективност, сертифицирани от независими институти. С технологията за готвене RATIONAL се спестява енергия, вода и суровини и се произвеждат значително по-малко отпадъци.



🇧🇬 KammarTon

Kammarton Bulgaria offers products of more than 190 leading European industrial manufacturers from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK etc, and for most of them the company is a sole agency representative for the local market.

List of various products comprises of cutting/welding and construction equipment, industrial systems, tools and consumables, warehouse and packaging equipment, means of personal safety and protection. Warranty and post warranty maintenance.


liebherr AB TERM Partner

🇨🇭🇩🇪 Liebherr

For more than 70 years, Liebherr stands for a large, continually developing range of sophisticated products and services. Exceptionally practical, seasoned and proven engineering as well as a consistent high quality level ensure customer benefit in all product areas. Refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has had the mark of quality, reliability and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, our equipment is particularly convenient and energy-efficient.


Tecnoeka AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Tecnoeka

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens Eka branded for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops. Tecnoeka focuses its efforts in innovation and industrialization of its products, by promoting the combination between aesthetics and functionality.
The production department has a variety of high performance machinery, including fiber laser cutting machine, bending robots and welding robots. Tecnoeka is committed in research and in the 'use of quality materials, from' purchase of raw materials to their processing.


fimar AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Fimar

The first machine designed and manufactured by Fimar in 1979, was the Meat Mincer available today in a number of sizes, combined with the grater or in its latest version refrigerated.
The equipment with the Fimar brand are all Made in Italy designed for the needs of restaurants, butchers, bars, canteens, supermarkets and professional activities.
A team of experts selects the best raw materials, the best suppliers, processes and verifies each product before shipping it across the world.


easyline AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Easyline

Easyline by Fimar is the convenient line designed around the needs of small restaurants or bars to provide reliable product at an affordable price.
A complete line of: Blenders with cooking function, Extractors, Centrifuges, Mixers – Milkshakers, Juicers, Kneaders, Ovens, Sous-Vide, Cooking Plates, Toasters, Induction Plates, Slicers, Waffle Machines, Stuffing Machines and Vacuum Machines. Easyline, easy products, easy to deliver, convenient and granted by a reliable Group.


brema AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Brema

Since 1985 Brema has been making ice with constant care and attention to detail. Brema design and manufacture machines according to the highest standards. The company use the best materials and the most advanced technologies.
A crucial factor, however, is their highly qualified team, whose members constantly upgrade their skills and know-how. This means constant effort and research, in order to more fully understand and anticipate the developments of the market and produce constantly upgraded product ranges by adding new products year after year.


beckers AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Beckers

Beckers Italy started out in 1973 as a sole trader engaged in selling professional catering products. The brand has been on the market for over 40 years and the loyalty shown by customers testify to the firm’s efficiency, and its competitiveness is backed up by on-going research into technological products with a competitive price/quality ratio. Company products are all EC and TUV certified, and are supplied with updated instruction manuals and technical sheets. Spare parts are always available.


olis AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Olis

Olis has always been a traditional manufacturer, making products for cooking and refrigeration, preparation and kitchen organisation. The brand stands out for its dual “core”, traditionally linked to craftsmanship, in particular stainless steel laser, and over the years it has developed with an innovative approach focused on technology and design. Sturdy and reliable products and expertise are the key features of the company Olis, which, today, allow it to continue to design and develop innovations for the great world of professional catering.


hoonved AB TERM partner

🇮🇹 Hoonved

For more than 50 years, Hoonved has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable washing systems ranging from small undercounter to large rack conveyor dishwashers. Over time, the brand has earned an outstanding reputation in the professional warewashing sector, guaranteeing quality and reliability. A lot of water has passed through Hoonved equipment since the first brush-type glasswashers. Over the years, design has improved, technology has developed and the range has expanded. It is the passion for doing things well that has remained.


eku AB TERM partner

🇩🇪 EKU

For more than four decades, EKU Grossküchentechnik GmbH, based in Limburg/Lahn, has been a specialist in high-quality commercial kitchen appliances. Developed and produced at two production facilities by the family business itself, among other things, thermal equipment - from snack equipment to large catering in electrical, induction and gas variants. The service portfolio includes supra-regional customer service for EKU products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by renowned specialized dealers and a worldwide spare parts distribution.


niki-inox AB TERM partner

🇬🇷 Niki Inox

The company was established in 1957, manufacturing commercial Refrigerators. Investing constantly in human resources, equipment and engineering. Nowadays, the company is one of the leaders in the market of commercial Refrigerators and stainless steel equipment in Greece and starts to expand worldwide.
Trying to contribute to the environmental pollution reduction, the company seeks to use only materials that do not pollute the environment and can be easily recycled.


rm AB TERM partner

🇨🇿 RM Gastro

RM Gastro is a recognised European manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment. The company relies on extensive experience gained on the market since 1994, the skills of the employees, its development and manufacturing facilities, and especially its partnerships with suppliers, business partners and satisfied customers. Because of this, RM Gastro can offer premium technology, precision quality, quality materials and unbeatable service. RM Gastro always provides sophisticated turnkey solutions and world-class care that is necessary when designing professional kitchens.


Kopa-grilling-solutions AB TERM partner


The story of Kopa Charcoal ovens begins in 2013. They decided to provide chefs and restaurant owners with charcoal products that will lower their cost of operation and help them provide better dishes. Kopa’s aim is to establish itself as a solution provider for grilling in a commercial kitchen. The Kopa grill oven is significantly more complex product than it first appeared. The company also put great effort into the right design and came up with great solution with our industrial designer. The oven can be even placed in plain view of customers and the restaurant’s theme can built around the oven.