Trumpf TruLaser 3030 in operation at AB Term

In connection with the implementation of Project BG16RFOP002-2.040-1226-C01 “Improvement of production and competitiveness at AB-Term Limited” under the Procedure BG16RFOP002-2-040 “Improvement of production capacity in small and medium-sized enterprises” with the financial support of the European Fund for Regional Development through OPIC “Innovations and competitiveness 2014-2020”, from January 2021, AB-Term Limited put into operation Fiber Laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030.

The new laser system significantly increases the production capabilities of the company - including cutting of non-ferrous metals and laser cutting of all kinds of pipes – a process that, until now, was not possible for us.

Fiber Laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 specifications

The TruLaser 3000 family of lasers is equipped with a fiber laser, thanks to which they provide great flexibility in the choice of processing materials and their thickness (thin or thick sheet, structural steel or non-ferrous metals such as titanium, copper or brass).

The advantages of the fiber laser are the very good shape of the beam, which is due to the small opening angle with a small beam radius and its high efficiency.
Equipping the TruLaser 3030 with the LoadMaster automatic sheet loading system ensures the creation of a complete workstation to process the metal sheets.
Fiber Laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 has software for programming the cutting of parts - Tru Tops Laser, which covers every step of order processing, from 3D components to complete NC programs for bending, punching and laser cutting.

Fiber Laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 is equipped with an attachment for cutting pipes and profiles - TRUMPF RotoLas. To speed up and automate production, the laser is also equipped with a Trumpf LoadMaster sheet loading system.

TruLaser 3030 cuts extremely fast, especially on thin sheets.

The design of TruDisk allows the treatment of non-ferrous metals with nitrogen - without worrying about reflections. You can also process film-coated sheets.

Digital program control (CNC) - TRUMPF CNC control, Siemens Sinumeric 840D SL with integrated technological data for optimal processing of basic materials.

TRUMPF RotoLas AB Term
TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 AB Term 2

Main parameters:
– laser power: 3000 W
– Working area along the X / Y axis: 3000 x 1500 mm
– Working area along the Z axis, without RotoLas: 110 mm, with RotoLas: 205 mm
– Maximum speeds for positioning simultaneously on the X axis and on the Y axis - 140 m / min
– Ability to process parts with a maximum weight of 900 kg.

Maximum sheet thickness:
– O2 structural steel: 20 mm
– stainless steel N2: 15 mm
– aluminum N2: 15 mm
– copper: 6 mm
– brass: 6 mm
– titanium: 4 mm

– Minimum programmable size - 0.001 mm
– Maximum deviation from positioning - 0.05 mm
– the smallest, programmable road size: 0.001 mm
– With PierceLine drilling control sensor

– Electrical consumption with TruDisk 3001: max 23 kW / h
– Compressed air consumption: 35 Nm3 / h

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 AB TERM 6
TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 AB TERM 3

– With universal cutting head for all thicknesses
– sheet feeder: Trumpf LoadMaster
– system for processing pipes and profiles: RotoLas
– CNC control: TRUMPF CNC, based on SINUMERIK 840D sl

Technical parameters of the RotoLas attachment for processing pipes and profiles:
– length of the pipe: 3000 mm
– length of waste: 150 mm (minimum distance of the mounting bracket)
– weight of the pipe: up to 200 kg

RotaLas allows you to cut pipes and profiles on a 2D laser machine. The flexible feeding system is extremely precise during the cutting process.
hanks to the various support parts, pipes with a diameter of 15 to 350 mm can be machined.
The various clamping jaws offer maximum flexibility in the profile geometry.

Photos from the installation and celebration of the Fiber Laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030

Trumpf TruLaser 3030 in operation at AB Term