Visiting Trumpf's factory in the USA

Посещение на Trumpf от АБ Терм 3
At the initiative of Trumpf, long-term and serious partners from Europe, including AB Term, were invited on a business visit to the United States for the period June 23-28, 2019. Hristo Abadjiev, owner, from AB Term, Trump's twenty-year-old partner, was present. We explored the "smarT factory" in Chicago. The laser source plant was also visited, where a demonstration was held.

This visit also provoked the direction of AB Term's development and the purchase of the latest generation Trubend center 7030 and fiber laser Trulaser 3030. Thus, AB Term can confirm to posses the most complex Trumpf machine parks in Bulgaria.
The two main places the European group visited were TRUMPF Photonics, Inc. and TRUMPF Farmington.

TRUMPF Photonics, Inc.

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TRUMPF Photonics, Inc. Established 2002, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-tech components for TRUMPF lasers. Originally known as Princeton Lightwave Inc. (PLI), it was purchased by the TRUMPF Group in 2002 for semi-conductor and wafer production.

TRUMPF Photonics, Inc. supplies the pump diodes for TruDisk and TruMicro lasers, optical coating and component assembly for CO2 and solid-state lasers, and beam delivery systems.

TRUMPF Photonics, Inc. is the largest high-power bar-based semiconductor laser manufacturer worldwide. Currently, TRUMPF Photonics, Inc. is extending its product portfolio with the single emitter module line for use in TRUMPF high-power fiber lasers.

TRUMPF Farmington

TRUMPF Inc. - the North American Headquarters for the TRUMPF Group TRUMPF Inc. (TUS) was founded in 1969 in Farmington, Connecticut and has since expanded to locations in California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Mexico and Canada.

With about 800 employees, TRUMPF Inc. is one of the largest subsidiaries within the TRUMPF Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of fabricating machinery in the United States

The Farmington campus has a state-of-the art showroom for hosting customer machine demos and a 12 200 square-meters training center that includes 13 TRUMPF machines and 14 classrooms.
Посещение на Trumpf от АБ Терм

Photos from the visit

Visiting Trumpf's factory in the USA