New laser system for cutting and engraving

Thanks to our main partners from HS Style and our joint work, AB TERM managed to increase its capabilities for laser cutting and engraving with the help of laser OptiFlex from Kern Laser Systems from the USA.

The new laser allows us to process details made of plastic, acrylic, ABS, MDF, pressed and chamber cardboard, solid wood and more.


  • Working area: 1320 mm x min. 2540 mm
  • Type of laser source: CO2
  • Power of the laser source: 250 W
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0.166 mm/mm
  • Positioning repeatability with accuracy: ± 0,0417 mm/mm
  • Maximum cutting speed: 30 m/min
  • Maximum engraving speed: 3.8 m/sec
  • Maximum height of the workpiece for non-rotary cutting: 76.2 mm
  • With assisted gas piping
  • Type of assist gas: room air
  • With the possibility of cutting and engraving in rotation with Pipe Rotary system
  • With the possibility of cutting on an optical passer
  • With controller, control panel, computer and LCD monitor with a size of 19 inches
  • With Kern KCAM cutting and levelling software and compatible CorelDRAW 2018 CAD software
  • With console for positioning the computer and the display
  • With vacuum mass for holding thin sheets and suction of exhaust gases
  • With laser cooling system 130V, ЗРН, 45А
  • With HyperDual motion system servo motors
  • With KERN D5P controller
  • With automatic control by the software of the change of the assist times
  • With the possibility of drilling with air and immediate subsequent cutting with oxygen/nitrogen
With the possibility of processing metals:
– carbon steel - up to and including 3.00 mm
– stainless steel (oxygen treatment)
– up to and including 2,00 mm
– stainless steel (nitrogen treatment) - up to and including 1,00 mm
– aluminum - up to and including 1,00 mm
– brass - up to 0.50 mm inclusive
You can get acquainted with all the services offered by AB Term and visit the site of HS Style for more information about them.
New laser system for cutting and engraving